5709 East Monterosa

5709 East Monterosa

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RequestZA-380-17-6 Hearing Date: September 14, 2017, 1:30 PM, Agenda Item 14

  1. Decrease the east side setback from the required 10 feet to 5 feet
  2. Decrease the west side setback from the required 10 feet to 5 feet
  3. Decrease front setback from the required 30 feet to 16 feet
  4. Increase allowable lot coverage from 30% to 40%

The property is currently zoned RE-24, however, the applicant requests that the variances be considered under the standards of R1-6 zoning. 

The ACMNA is opposed to this variance. Click here to read the ACMNA position statement

Hearing Date: September 14, 2017, 1:30 PM, Hearing Agenda item 14, Hearing Officers decision = Request Denied

6102 E. Calle del Sud

6102 E. Calle del Sud

Request ZA-211-17 *   Google Map  *   Applicants Narrative   *   Assessors Info  * Site Plan

1) Variance to allow 33 percent lot coverage. Maximum of 30 percent lot coverage allowed.  This item was withdrawn.

2) Variance to reduce the required street front on west side to 25 feet. Minimum 30 feet required.  Approved

3) Variance to reduce the required east rear yard setback to 10 feet. Minimum 30 feet required.    Approved

ACMNA is opposed this request, ACMNA Position Letter

The Hearing date is June 15, 2017 - continued to July 20, 2017

5629 E. Rockridge Road

5629 E. Rockridge Road

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Request ZA-201-17 is reduce street frontage on an RE-35 lot to 20 feet. A minimum of 150 feet is required in this zoning district. The purpose is to allow for drive access to the lower lot.

ACMNA does not oppose this request.     [position letter]

Hearing date is June 8, 2017 at 1:30   Results = Approved with Stipulations: 1)Access to be from the eastern side of the lot. 2) 2 years to apply for building permit


4506 N Rubicon

4506 N Rubicon

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Variance Application ZA-167-16.   (1) Setback reduction on north side of guest house from 20 ft. required to 13ft.   (2) Tennis court in the front yard (Rubicon).   (3) Variance to have a 6 foot fence in in the front yard {along Rubicon}.  (4) Allow for third story living space. NOTE: The third story is an existing attic and the total height of the structure will remain as is. 602-262-7131 for more information.,

ACMNA does NOT oppose this varianceRead the ACMNA Position Letter here

Hearing Date: May 25, 2017         Hearing Results = Approved with Stipulations