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June 1 2017
Message: My family and I live along 56th St. We completely support a plan to redesign 56th St. in a way that would promote the safety of pedestrians and bikers who use 56th St as well as a plan to slow vehicle traffic down. In the amount of time that we have lived here, the vehicle traffic has increased substantially and therefore creating an unsafe environment for our children and ourselves to walk or bike along 56th St to have access to the local parks, schools, and restaurants that play a role in making our neighborhood so special.
— via website
June 20, 2017
Message: Many residents of Arcadia walk north or bike north on 56th Street, then cross Camelback and continue their walk north on 56th Street, i.e. “climb the mountain on roads”. 56h Street needs to be safe for for both walkers and bikers. There should bike/ walking path on 56th Street and speed limits on 56th Street should be enforced. At indian School Road traffic should be directed away from the portion of 56th Street that lies between Indian School Rd to Camelback Road. In that section 56th Street is a residential street and should be viewed as such. I am hoping this issue can be addressed for the safety of our children and our active adults.
— via website
June 20, 2017
Message: I am getting quite tired of people objecting when a major street turns out to be busy. Major streets are supposed to be busy. If you don’t want to live on a major street, don’t buy a house on one. How can you expect to feel as safe biking or walking on a major street as you do on a neighborhood street? But that seems to be what everyone is demanding. They want to clog up traffic even more so that people will feel as safe walking and biking along major thoroughfares as they do on interior neighborhood streets. What’s next, speed bumps on yet another major street? I could understand some sort of re-striping, creating wider bike lanes maybe, but as a resident of Arcadia I am sick of people not taking responsibility for themselves to know that they can’t expect to ride a bike or walk down 56th with the same safety as they do when they’re on Calle Tuberia. They want to speed bump everything. It’s all about them. Me, me, me, me. What’s next? 44th Street too busy for your walk or bike ride? Want to put speed bumps on it, too? I have talked to numerous Arcadia neighbors and I can assure you I’m not the only one who feels this way. People need to grow up and realize we live in a major city, and major streets are supposed to be busy and are inherently dangerous. I’ve lived in Arcadia for years, and guess what? I avoid 56th St. and other major streets when I go for a bike ride...because it’s a busy street! It’s supposed to be busy! Everyone needs to start living sensibly instead of always demanding change that inconveniences others to meet their own personal agendas. If you buy a house on a busy street, you can’t later object that it’s busy. Of course it is. You knew that when you bought the house. Cities grow, traffic increases. Don’t buy on a busy street if you don’t want to live on one. I object to any changes, especially any that involve speed bumps, and so do most of the friends and neighbors I’ve spoken with about this. If the City is pushing back, it’s because they’re actually correct on this one.
— web site