Association Board of Directors

Board Meetings are held at Prince Of Peace Church on the first Thursday of the Month at 5:30 (except July & August). Meetings are open to the public and Arcadia residents are always welcome to attend. Agendas and Minutes are posted here.

Board of Directors, March 2019 [ click photo to enlarge ]

Top Row: Joan Warne, Marilyn Schmidlin, Dr. Jim Carland, Tom Thomas, Dr. Denis Frank, Craig Steblay, Hillary Gurley, Dr. Marvin Borsand, Dr. Richard Spiegel, Joe Prewitt, Officer Jared Sherman, Sally Geyer, Sam Stone

Front Row: Amanda McCauley, Tristahn Schaub, Karen Magnoni, Brian Flader, Jody Moman, Lisa Binsfeld, John Stofko, Craig DeMarco, Ian Quinn

Photo by Board member Patricia Dietz

Board Roster

The following individuals have been elected by the Association Membership to serve as members of the Arcadia Camelback Mountain Neighborhood Association Board of Directors. {click names to see an attached bio}

ACMNA Board Sub-Committees

Preservation Committee

The primary purpose of the ACMNA Preservation Committee is the fulfillment of the Association's Mission Statement.

Committee Members - Tristahn Schaub (Chair),  Marvin Borsand, Tom Thomas, Jody Moman, Adrian Evarkiou, Jim Carland, Amanda McCauley,

Events Committee

Committee Members - Brian Flader (Chair),  Jerry McKenna, Marilyn Schmidlin, Tristahn Schaub, Joan Warne,


Publicity Committee

Committee Members - Lisa Binsfeld, Karen Magnoni, Sally Geyer, Hillary Gurley (Chair), John Stofko, Craig Steblay,

  • Newsletters - Arcadia Central

  • Email blasts

  • Website Content

  • Social Media - facebook

  • Special Mailings

  • Correspondence

  • New Neighbor Welcome Packet

Governance committee

 Committee Members - John Stofko (Chair),  Jody Moman, Craig Steblay, Joan Warne, Jim Carland,

  • Ways & Means (Budget)

  • Accounting / Banking

  • Insurance

  • Bylaws

  • Membership Lists

  • Tax Reporting

  • Annual Reports


Nominating Committee

Our nominating committee consists of Karen Magnoni [chair], Tristahn Schaub, Hillary Gurley, Brian Flader, Denis Frank and Jody Moman.