City Council to Vote on Funding for 56th Street

This coming Tuesday, March 26th at 10:00 am The City of Phoenix Aviation and Transportation Subcommittee consisting of City Council members Stark, Williams and Mendoza will meet to decide whether on not 56th St Street will be recommended to receive improvement funds.  This has been a two-year process championed by five neighboring schools, two neighborhood organizations, parents and community members such as yourselves.  We have undergone multiple rounds of community outreach and $130k in design dollars to come up with a complete streets project which seeks to solve for several key areas of need:

  • Safety - No complete sidewalks or bike lanes for cyclists to get to school, parks or businesses.  Children have been hit at three unique intersections.

  • Aesthetics - This is a visually significant corridor with staggering views of Camelback Mountain and AZ Falls, yet it looks like a landing strip.

  • Volume - Traffic counts are up 40% in a matter of 5 years at Indian School and the wide open road leads to volumes of cut-through traffic.

  • Enjoyment - Albeit surrounded by parks, beatiful landmarks and mountain views, few venture out and enjoy the corridor due to unsafe and unconnected conditions.

  • Speed - The wide open road lends itself to speeding motorists and unsafe shoulder passing which endanger cyclists and pedestrians.

  • Connectivity - Bus stops and parks get underutilized because the corridor does not support these modes of travel.

  • Drainage - Mountain runoff has flooded several homes along 56th and puts the intersection of Indian School and 56th underwater during heavy rains.

This is an item that tremendous amount of community effort has been invested in and it is now time to make your support known to city council subcommittee members Stark, Williams and Mendoza. Please let them know why you feel the 56th St Complete Streets Improvement Project is so important for the safety of our school kids to get to one of the three schools along 56th Street

Address an email to Aviation and Transportation Subcommittee Members Stark, Williams and Mendoza at the following council district mailboxes:

Phase 2 Community Meeting Regarding 56th Street Redesign

The SAVES and Connects 56th Street Group is pleased to announce the second of three community outreach meetings discussing the redesign of 56th Street.

The meeting is being hosted by the City of Phoenix and moderated by the contractors selected by the City to create the design for the corridor.

We want this project to be owned and shaped by the community.

Wednesday, July 18th
7 PM
Archway Veritas
Lund Center
3102 N. 56th Street
(between Thomas Rd and Osborn Rd)
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Goal of Phase Two Meeting

This event will be a critical one in which they seek feedback from the community on which design items take priority and which proposed solutions the community prefers.  If you were attending any of these meetings in the hopes of having your preferences incorporated into final outcome of the project, this would be the meeting to attend.

If you cannot make this meeting but want your opinions heard, please email them to:

The final proposal to the city will be drafted and presented in our third and final community outreach session on 9/26, 7 pm also at Archway Veritas.

Phoenix Street Transportation Department is seeking input from residents

The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department is seeking input from residents, commuters and business owners on the future of 56th Street. As part of an effort to make the city's roadways safer for people that drive cars, ride bicycles, walk, and ride transit, the department is conducting a corridor study for the 1.5-mile-long 56th Street corridor from Thomas Road to Camelback Road. The 56th Street Corridor Study is a community-driven initiative aimed at creating a complete street design concept to safely accommodate all roadway users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders of all ages and abilities. Additionally, the project will identify and address Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility requirements; bicycle and pedestrian gaps along the corridor; and opportunities for green infrastructure along this important community corridor. The city encourages the community's participation including providing valuable feedback to the project team as the project progresses. Throughout the seven-month project process, three public meetings will be held. The public meetings will be interactive and will encourage active engagement by meeting participants. People interested in providing feedback on the 56th Street Corridor Study are encouraged to attend the public meeting listed below. The project team will be available at this meeting to answer questions and solicit comments on issues and priorities for the 56th Street corridor. The information presented at this meeting will be made available on the project webpage following the meeting. 56th Street Corridor Study Open House #1 Wednesday, June 20, 2018 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 3641 N. 56th St. Future public meetings and study updates will be posted on the project webpage. For more information about this project visit the project webpage at

To submit comments or ask questions,

contact Joseph Perez, study project manager, at 602-262-6284 or

Media Contact: Monica Hernandez 602-350-8853

General Contact: Joseph Perez 602-262-6284

Phoenix Streets Department Website for 56th Street

The 56th Street Corridor Study is a community-driven project that will result in a consistent corridor design concept. Commonly referred to as a Complete Street, the future 56th Street should safely accommodate all roadway users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders of all ages and abilities. Additionally, the project will identify and address Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements; bicycle and pedestrian gaps along the corridor; and opportunities for green infrastructure along this important community corridor.

Keep up to date at the Phoenix Streets Website =

56th Street Update - First Community Outreach Meeting Scheduled

Concerned Neighbors,

After meeting with Deputy Director of City Streets and Harrington Planning and Design (HP&D) last night, the SAVES and Connects 56th St Group is pleased to announce the design phase of a major street upgrade for 56th between Camelback and Thomas. The work being done will have a balanced approach to better serve bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists. We seek to enhance the aesthetic appeal of 56th and create a corridor for people to enjoy and safely connect with schools, parks and the AZ Canal trail system. Drainage from the mountain will be addressed by the project as well.

The purpose of this message is to make you aware of some critical dates the city has set aside to gather feedback and suggestions regarding the project. We want this project to be owned and shaped by the community and is the reason behind the three neighborhood meetings. Some may ask, “Does this have to happen during the summer when I take vacation?” We recognize that no meeting time is perfect for all, and wanted to get started as quickly as possible. There’s a 5 year funding period from ADOT that we cannot delay and busy schedules are the reason we decided to have THREE meetings rather than the standard TWO for a project such as this.

Community outreach meetings will take place at the Prince of Peace Church, NE Corner of Indian School and 56th St. They will be located in the classrooms located on the southwest corner of the campus. The start times will be at 7 pm and happen on the following Wednesdays:

6/20 at 7pm - Initial scope of project, known issues and examples of solutions, feedback collected

7/18 (tenative) at 7pm - More defined plans with feedback from first meeting being presented and addressed, prioritization of investments and more feedback obtained

9/19 (tentative) at 7pm - Final draft proposal takes shape, more feedback and suggestions from the community to fine-tune

The output of the meetings is to have a high-level design/engineering plan submitted to the city for funding by 11/1/18. HP&D has selected top-notch partners for:

  • Community outreach

  • Design and planning of safe routes to schools

  • Civil engineers specializing in utilities and drainage

It is important that our community is heard. This is a big investment and we want your insights, suggestions and for you to have a full-awareness of the what the project entails. Please share this message with your neighbors, your school group members and link this content to your social media networks as well.

Finally, If you cannot make the meetings and want your opinions heard, please respond directly to me and I will channel your feedback to the city.

In partnership,

Tristahn Schaub
VP Arcadia Camelback Mountain Neighborhood Association
SAVES and Connects 56th St Member

Reckless drivers using 56th Street as their raceway

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a resident of Arcadia and reside along 56th Street at the SW corner of Exeter Blvd and 56th Street.  My husband and I, along with our three children, have lived in this residence for almost 4 years. When we first moved in, the traffic along 56th Street was for the most part, fairly calm.  Within the last two years, there has been a significant increase in the amount of traffic that uses 56th Street as well as the amount of reckless drivers using 56th Street as their raceway mostly due to the development around the area.

On Thanksgiving day of last year, my husband was driving home using the roundabout, and a vehicle headed south bound from Camelback by way of 56th Street, was going so fast he did not have time to yield to my husband in the roundabout, and he t-boned my husband’s vehicle. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

There has been numerous near misses we have witnessed since then with vehicles nearly hitting bicyclists or pedestrians who are using that intersection to go west or east bound by the cars headed south bound from Camelback. Almost every single one of our neighbors has a story to tell about a near miss or an actual collision.

In the last 6 weeks, we have had two separate single vehicle car accidents that have occurred due to reckless and careless driving. The first accident happened on February 10th with a vehicle headed southbound from Camelback at a high rate of speed and was unable to maneuver the roundabout due to his speed. He hit the curb of the roundabout causing his vehicle to go airborne into the City of Phoenix light pole in my yard. Once he hit the pole, his car proceeded down my side yard completely taking out a large 40-50 year old Ash tree and then coming to a stop in two of our 40-50 year old ficus trees.  The driver of the vehicle was unconscious and suffered two broken legs but will fortunately make a recovery.  This accident happened at 2:30am. 

The latest accident happened this past Sunday, April 1.  It was a similar scenario, where a guy was driving southbound from Camelback on 56th Street at a high rate of speed, estimated between 60-80mph, same as last accident. The driver was once again, unable to maneuver the roundabout due to his high rate of speed. When his vehicle hit the curb on the roundabout, it caused him to lose control sending his vehicle into the curb along our house, but fortunately this time, he was able to gain control of his vehicle enough to steer his car away from my yard and house. His vehicle came to a stop along the side of my yard due to the damage his vehicle sustained after hitting the curb. He destroyed the under carriage of his vehicle to the point where the police who responded to the call believe his car is totaled. Once again, we are very fortunate no one was killed in this accident. This accident occurred at 7:50pm. This time, due to the fact it was Easter Sunday and a beautiful day outside, many families were outside enjoying their yards.  Quite a few families witnessed this accident and were all feeling blessed that their children were not out crossing the street when this guy decided to drive reckless.

I have attached the videos from each of the accidents that my home cameras were able to capture. I have also attached the pictures from the accident that occurred on Feb. 1st.

I have also attached clips from a recent post someone created on speaking to the dangers of the intersection of 56th Street and Indian School. This posts is highlighting the concern of near misses with vehicles and children riding their bikes in this intersection to get to and from school or to the parks nearby.

I wanted to write to you to underline the importance of the SAVES and Connects 56th Street Project.  I know that the SAVES and Connects 56th Street project has been awarded a $120,000 MAG grant. However, I know there has been a delay. We are very excited about this project and hope that it can move forward sooner than later as I know that it is only a matter of time before we have another person killed along this street. I don’t want to sit back and wait for that to happened. I want to know that we are doing everything we can to assist the City of Phoenix with moving forward with this project as I truly believe it is a matter of life or death.  If there is anything you need from us as residents in this area, please feel free to reach out to me. I can be reached at 480-363-0234 or by email at


Karen Magnoni

5557 E Exeter Blvd

A little bit of peace to the morning commute

A little bit of peace to the morning commute

City of Phoenix Community Action Officer Ben Carro, also wants to remind drivers along the corridor that the following two offenses are citable with fines ranging upwards from $186, much higher should felony endangerment of a cyclist occur:  

Using the center turn lane to pass stopped traffic to get up to the left turn lane at the light.

Driving in the bike lane or road shoulder to pass traffic on the right and enter the right hand lane

Read More

Complete Streets?

Complete Streets?

In today's ever-changing world, it's hard to imagine how we will be transporting ourselves in the future.  What we do know is that there are and will be people on our streets using methods other than private automobile.  We have those who are on foot, those in wheelchairs, as well as those on bicycles, scooters and skateboards

56th Street School Survey

The City asked us to further gauge support from families with local school children.  A survey was crafted in coordination with Councilman DiCiccio’s office to address just that.  The survey was sent out to parents by the schools via email. Over 600 parents responded to the three questions and the results were astonishing as shown in the graphs. Most surprisingly, we also received over 250 written feedback comments from parents. A clear case has been made to enhance the pedestrian and bicycle connectivity of 56th Street. It’s obvious there is a definite need to calm traffic and control speed.  Safety for school children is the primary concern. However joggers, bicyclists, and pedestrians will use it too, so everyone can enjoy 56th Street. 

[click below to see survey results and graphs]

56th Street

Courtney Sucato shared a link.

Thank you to all the neighbors that came to last nights meeting to voice their concerns for the multiple issues on 56th St. Our board will absolutely have this on our future meeting agendas. We will also be posting the info to our website by next week. The next monthly meeting will be on Feb 2nd at Prince of Peace Church at 5:30 pm. All neighbors are welcome to attend. We do have a couple spots open on the board, if you would like to get involved please let us know.