A little bit of peace to the morning commute

A little bit of peace to the morning commute

City of Phoenix Community Action Officer Ben Carro, also wants to remind drivers along the corridor that the following two offenses are citable with fines ranging upwards from $186, much higher should felony endangerment of a cyclist occur:  

Using the center turn lane to pass stopped traffic to get up to the left turn lane at the light.

Driving in the bike lane or road shoulder to pass traffic on the right and enter the right hand lane

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Complete Streets?

Complete Streets?

In today's ever-changing world, it's hard to imagine how we will be transporting ourselves in the future.  What we do know is that there are and will be people on our streets using methods other than private automobile.  We have those who are on foot, those in wheelchairs, as well as those on bicycles, scooters and skateboards

56th Street School Survey

The City asked us to further gauge support from families with local school children.  A survey was crafted in coordination with Councilman DiCiccio’s office to address just that.  The survey was sent out to parents by the schools via email. Over 600 parents responded to the three questions and the results were astonishing as shown in the graphs. Most surprisingly, we also received over 250 written feedback comments from parents. A clear case has been made to enhance the pedestrian and bicycle connectivity of 56th Street. It’s obvious there is a definite need to calm traffic and control speed.  Safety for school children is the primary concern. However joggers, bicyclists, and pedestrians will use it too, so everyone can enjoy 56th Street. 

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56th Street

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Thank you to all the neighbors that came to last nights meeting to voice their concerns for the multiple issues on 56th St. Our board will absolutely have this on our future meeting agendas. We will also be posting the info to our website www.acmna.org by next week. The next monthly meeting will be on Feb 2nd at Prince of Peace Church at 5:30 pm. All neighbors are welcome to attend. We do have a couple spots open on the board, if you would like to get involved please let us know.