56th Street Update - First Community Outreach Meeting Scheduled

Concerned Neighbors,

After meeting with Deputy Director of City Streets and Harrington Planning and Design (HP&D) last night, the SAVES and Connects 56th St Group is pleased to announce the design phase of a major street upgrade for 56th between Camelback and Thomas. The work being done will have a balanced approach to better serve bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists. We seek to enhance the aesthetic appeal of 56th and create a corridor for people to enjoy and safely connect with schools, parks and the AZ Canal trail system. Drainage from the mountain will be addressed by the project as well.

The purpose of this message is to make you aware of some critical dates the city has set aside to gather feedback and suggestions regarding the project. We want this project to be owned and shaped by the community and is the reason behind the three neighborhood meetings. Some may ask, “Does this have to happen during the summer when I take vacation?” We recognize that no meeting time is perfect for all, and wanted to get started as quickly as possible. There’s a 5 year funding period from ADOT that we cannot delay and busy schedules are the reason we decided to have THREE meetings rather than the standard TWO for a project such as this.

Community outreach meetings will take place at the Prince of Peace Church, NE Corner of Indian School and 56th St. They will be located in the classrooms located on the southwest corner of the campus. The start times will be at 7 pm and happen on the following Wednesdays:

6/20 at 7pm - Initial scope of project, known issues and examples of solutions, feedback collected

7/18 (tenative) at 7pm - More defined plans with feedback from first meeting being presented and addressed, prioritization of investments and more feedback obtained

9/19 (tentative) at 7pm - Final draft proposal takes shape, more feedback and suggestions from the community to fine-tune

The output of the meetings is to have a high-level design/engineering plan submitted to the city for funding by 11/1/18. HP&D has selected top-notch partners for:

  • Community outreach

  • Design and planning of safe routes to schools

  • Civil engineers specializing in utilities and drainage

It is important that our community is heard. This is a big investment and we want your insights, suggestions and for you to have a full-awareness of the what the project entails. Please share this message with your neighbors, your school group members and link this content to your social media networks as well.

Finally, If you cannot make the meetings and want your opinions heard, please respond directly to me and I will channel your feedback to the city.

In partnership,

Tristahn Schaub
VP Arcadia Camelback Mountain Neighborhood Association
SAVES and Connects 56th St Member