City Council to Vote on Funding for 56th Street

This coming Tuesday, March 26th at 10:00 am The City of Phoenix Aviation and Transportation Subcommittee consisting of City Council members Stark, Williams and Mendoza will meet to decide whether on not 56th St Street will be recommended to receive improvement funds.  This has been a two-year process championed by five neighboring schools, two neighborhood organizations, parents and community members such as yourselves.  We have undergone multiple rounds of community outreach and $130k in design dollars to come up with a complete streets project which seeks to solve for several key areas of need:

  • Safety - No complete sidewalks or bike lanes for cyclists to get to school, parks or businesses.  Children have been hit at three unique intersections.

  • Aesthetics - This is a visually significant corridor with staggering views of Camelback Mountain and AZ Falls, yet it looks like a landing strip.

  • Volume - Traffic counts are up 40% in a matter of 5 years at Indian School and the wide open road leads to volumes of cut-through traffic.

  • Enjoyment - Albeit surrounded by parks, beatiful landmarks and mountain views, few venture out and enjoy the corridor due to unsafe and unconnected conditions.

  • Speed - The wide open road lends itself to speeding motorists and unsafe shoulder passing which endanger cyclists and pedestrians.

  • Connectivity - Bus stops and parks get underutilized because the corridor does not support these modes of travel.

  • Drainage - Mountain runoff has flooded several homes along 56th and puts the intersection of Indian School and 56th underwater during heavy rains.

This is an item that tremendous amount of community effort has been invested in and it is now time to make your support known to city council subcommittee members Stark, Williams and Mendoza. Please let them know why you feel the 56th St Complete Streets Improvement Project is so important for the safety of our school kids to get to one of the three schools along 56th Street

Address an email to Aviation and Transportation Subcommittee Members Stark, Williams and Mendoza at the following council district mailboxes: