Councilman Sal DiCiccio agrees with Neighborhood Leaders on limits for any re-development of CamelSquare.

By Dr. Marvin Borsand

July 18,2018

To: ACMNA Members & Members of the Arcadia Community

On Monday July 11, members and leaders of our local associations including Marvin Borsand of ACMNA, Judge Bellamack of Marion Estates and Short Hills, Steve Sanchez of Park Paradise 1 & 2, Shannon Johnson of Arcadia Villas, and Paul Barnes met with City Councilman Sal DiCiccio and District 6 Chief of Staff Sam Stone to discuss the potential redevelopment of Camel Square (44th & Camelback). The purpose was to discuss what we, as the surrounding neighborhoods, are looking for.

Based on that discussion and previous conversations with other neighborhood leaders including ACMNA President Craig Steblay, Sal committed to support the neighborhoods' request to:

1. Maintain the current height restriction of 56 feet, which was approved in 2011

1. Absolutely oppose additional multi-family housing on this location

1. Ask for additional stipulations on future development of the property if there is a request to upgrade the site to commercial (C-2) zoning

1. Request that any current buildings on the site be re-faced and updated if they remain

Sal also said he opposes the use of PUD zoning on this property, preferring that it stick to traditional zoning standards and requirements. Additionally, he sent a letter some months ago to local developers and their attorney's saying he will oppose any additional apartments being built on Camelback, at this site, or any other.

We will continue to monitor this potential development as it comes along and keep you informed, but we have received Sal's assurances that he will continue to work with our neighborhoods to make sure that whatever happens has our approval first.

If you have additional questions or want more information, Sal is asking everyone to contact Sam Stone who will be spearheading the project for his office. You can reach Sam via email (<>), on the office line (602-262-7491) or via his cell (405-795-6145).

CamelSquare soon to be re-developed with bigger and taller buildings with high intensity mixed uses

At present, very little information is available. Read the current ACMNA position statement below [ click here to download the .pdf]

 See the original post on the ACMNA facebook page [   click here   ]

See the original post on the ACMNA facebook page [ click here ]

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