ACMNA Presentation on the David and Gladys Wright House

During the February 2016 Annual Meeting of The ACMNA, Dan Drake led a presentation on the ACMNA’s formal position on the David Wright Foundation’s Project.  It outlined the formal position statement and the rationale for how the Board arrived at this position:

  • We are in full support of HP (Historical Preservation) rezoning on the historically platted 2.4 acre David Wright House only.
  • We are opposed to any rezoning, of any type, on the 2+ acres north, or the 1+ acres south, of the historically platted 2.4 acre Wright property.
  • Furthermore, we are strongly opposed to any rezoning that includes "L" (Landmark) designation on any property, or portion of property that would potentially allow a Special Use Permit to conduct Commercial activities or operations within the Arcadia Neighborhood area.
    Resolved by unanimous vote of the ACMNA Board of Directors, November 5, 2015

Some of the key issues surrounded the desired commercial uses of food, beverage sales, alcohol sales, charging admission and paid events such as concerts and weddings with up to 500 people at a time.  Also of concern were the traffic and noise concerns involved with potential attendance rates north of 100,000 visitors annually.  Service trucks and delivery access off neighborhood streets was also a concern.  On the property, two massive builds were highlighted, including a subterranean visitors center, education, event facility and a massive outdoor 180 ft. wide Amphitheater / Pavilion which included a 30ft high shade structure. 


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